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Dark Awakening
Occupational system
The unknown world
Apocalyptic Castle
Between life and death

She was once a watcher, or a guard, protecting the surveillants stationed in the Surveillance Tower.
But the Old Gods followers abducted the surveillants, and killed her companions. She had to embark on the tracing journey alone. The journey had been hard enough, but the tracing destination, the maze-like fallen kingdom was even harder. Even a fine guard like her, was lost in the nightmare set up by the Old Gods. Hundreds years had passed, her once vigorous body she used to be proud of had been destroyed by the Black Tide, only a wisp of indomitable soul had left which was confined to the deserted Kingdom.


He was once a distinguished clan leader, who leaded his people to survive in the Black Tide. His blue color and appalling horn were the symbol of his throne. However, in a brutal and primitive political conflict, he was defeated and lost his crown, and his wife and children were died in chaos.
Finally,he escaped. With the burning hatred and the ambition of restoration, he lurked in the Black Tide and waited for his chance. At first, he did not know how to deal with people; and no one were willing to get along with the barbarous and overbearing alien clan man. But he seemed to need no companions, the great physique and strength inherited from his clan made him get food and water effortlessly in turmoil.


He has held many important positions in the Church, and has witnessed the degeneration and demise of the Church, of which the glory has been long gone. It became empty and has no confessor at all. After a half life of vagrancy,it seems that he has found peace in his faith. He has iron-like physique and a strong spirit that has guided his group to overcome danger and difficulty again and again.
He passed the Gospel of faith to every warrior he met, because he believed that Gospel had guided his long gone comrades, and will continue to guide people with faith.


He was born in a wilderness isolated from the civilized world, and was rejected by human because of his elf identity. At his young age, partnered with nature and loneliness, he mastered the superb magic of which skillfully control natural elements like water and fire by his own. But he is haughty and aloof due to the lack of communication. The Black Tide became more and more serious, some unknown human magician has came to wilderness. So he came to the human living place as well.
However, this place has long been occupied by the scavengers. He,the lonely Elf magician joined the survivor refuge group, and was finally accepted by the human world, because his magic can help people create a bonfire in the dark. Occasionally, he would miss the fresh wind and grass fragrance in the wilderness. But when he could return to the wilderness?


A young man grown up in a exiled Praetorian Guard, who had been trained as an excellent musketeer for the restoration of the royal family. His comrades had been taken away by the Black Tide, so he want alone for the restoration. The triumphant return with glory seemed impossible; and people were scared at his weapon. But he insisted that he is a watchman, a soldier, who is obligated to protect innocent people.
As his officer said, strength means responsibility; so he stuck to his duty in the Black Tide crisis. He would follow fugitives silently, and fight with monsters sneaking behind them till they were safe; or he would watch them died from decay.


Someone said that one-third of the puzzles in the world came from Phantom Thief. But no one believed that Phantom Thief actually exists and he is around us.
He knew he was lucky, but he can’t help detest himself and his body. with this inner conflict, he wrapped himself up with armor and hid in the fugitive group.